Growing up, I loved diecast cars. It's funny, my cousin just visited my family recently (1st time I'd seen him in over 15 years) and he was saying he remembered the 2 giant boxes of cars I had. I'm sure it was a main source of entertainment for us back then. The size of those boxes must have made quite an impression. I wasn't brand sensitive back then either.

All kinds of 1/64th diecast cars were known as teeny cars. Well as a kid almost every year for my birthday/Christmas my mom would individually wrap a dozen or more new cars and put them in a bigger box. Upon discovering this box during the present opening, I would get rather excited.

Evidently so excited that my hands would tremble as I began opening each car one by one. This action soon became known as having "Teeny Car Hands" within my family. It was soon
applicable to the opening of ANY exciting present by anyone and is still used by all today. Even now practically every time I receive a large shipment of cars in the mail. I have to chuckle
to myself when I begin opening the bubble wrap of the first car as I recall this infamous phrase.  This funny phrase it turns out is very symbolic of my passion for collecting these little guys throughout my life.

Fortunately (and I get reminded of it everyday it seems) my mom did not throw any of my collection away. After taking a 20 year break from collecting I dug into these giant boxes awhile back. I unearthed some redlines and put a couple on ebay and just like that I was hooked again. I was pleasantly surprised to see that grown-ups were into collecting these redlines NOW just as much as I was into it when I was a kid.